Her inspiration comes from the Astanga Vinyasa tradition and other Hatha yoga practises. Liz adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel’ into the form and helps sculpt and free each unique body.

Liz’s passion for Yoga developed in 1990, studying as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (1992), and exploring Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic, dance-like style which led her to India and Crete through the 1990’s. The Life Centre Notting Hill became an anchor for teaching in 1995 and in early 2000 she joined Sangam, an Astanga Shala (Battersea) with Gingi Lee.

Since 1998 she has written 8 books (see ‘1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom’ Watkins), her own self publications and most recently the Sequencing Chapter in ‘Yoga Teachers Manual’ (Jessica Kingsley 2018). Liz brings together Nature, Travel & Art with her inner travels to share Yoga through creative sequencing, somatic practises, visualisation, meditation & relaxations.

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